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Library Learning Term 3 ST2

img_0392Stage 2 learning centred around Book Week and the theme Australia Story Country. We read and explored the shortlisted texts for 2016. Students responded to the content, themes and meanings of the books with discussion, debate, writing tasks and some investigative research. We had local Australian author Judy Townsend, visit during book week who spoke to the students about the process of creating a picture book and her personal experience of this. Visit the link to find out more about Judy: http:

After Judy’s visit, the students were inspired to start the design of their own transcript, by creating their own book. Initially, they worked on three things required in their story: setting, characters and trouble/ problems. Using varied media, the students sought advice from known authors , such as JK Rowling, to aid in their story development. Well done to the students who worked hard and managed to write and illustrate their own book with a cover and endpapers. There were very interesting and humorous stories and definitely some future storywriters!

To finish the term, Stage 2 inquired into the art of storytelling. This was related to our Aunties visiting the school during Book Week for Aboriginal Storytelling, where students listened to stories, as well as having the opportunity to tell their own stories. The students explored various media to investigate storytelling history and techniques. For example, Jim Henson’s The Storyteller tells versions of old European folk tales.

Image result for the storyteller heartless giant                  Image result for the storyteller heartless giant

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Library Learning Term 3 ST 1

This term we have focused on Book Week and have viewed the shortlisted texts for 2016. The students have commented and given opinions about the themes, meanings and illustrations of the books. They have also participated in many learning tasks that related to these texts, the Book Week theme: Australia Story Country and also explored other Australian authors and illustrators. We even had a visit from a local Australian author Judy Townsend. She talked to the students about the process of making books and her personal experience of creating her books. Explore the following link to find out more about Judy:

This is the toy

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Library Learning Term 3 EST 1

During term 3, EST 1 has participated in learning tasks associated with Book Week 2016: Australia Story Country. They have listened to the shortlisted Early Childhood texts for this year and discussed the themes and meanings in each book. They have also made observations about the different styles of illustrations by the various Australian illustrators. We even had a local Australian author, Judy Townsend, visit to talk to the students about story writing. Here is a link to Judy’s website if you would like to explore her work: The students have been encouraged to borrow books by Australian authors this term to strengthen the Book Week theme.

    Image result for wombat stew  Image result for mem fox books  Image result for mem fox books

Image result for Mr Huff

The winner of the Early Childhood Book of the Year 2016 is……………………………Mr Huff by Anna Walker!

Special Honours go to Perfect by Danny Parker and Freya Blackwood and The Cow Tripped Over The Moon by Tony Wilson and Laura Wood.

Image result for Perfect bookImage result for the cow tripped over the moon

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Book Week 2016

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Book Week! 2015

Books Light Up Our World is the theme for this year’s Book Week. We will be holding our celebrations during week 6 this term. Thursday the 20th August is the date for the book character parade and will be held under the cola at 10:00am.

Visit the library everyday in week 6 to browse the Book Fair. Cash only please.

Paper Lantern Making Competition

Short Story Competition
The story must have light in it. What types of light can you think of? stars, fireworks, a lighthouse, etc.

Colouring Competition

All entries to Mrs Walker/ Mrs Parr by Monday the 17th August.

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Stage 3 2015

This term Stage 3 students have participated in an ‘Alice in Wonderland’ novel study. The story is 150 years old this year! The students like the imaginative characters and settings an it is nice to share a classic tale with them. The students are using their creative skills to recreate a scene from the book.

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Stage 2 2015

This term students are exploring the work of Australian author and illustrator Shaun Tan. We have read his texts in multimedia form and discussed the reoccurring themes in his books. The students enjoy his stories and the discussion often goes way over the planned time as they all want to contribute. After reading ‘Rues of Summer’, the students created their own rule for school and designed a Shaun Tan inspired illustration to go with it.

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Stage 1 2015

Years 1 and 2 are reading Charlotte’s Web this term as a novel study. They are identifying main and minor characters, settings and the major storyline events. Students are discovering spider facts from research, based on the character of Charlotte. They have enjoyed playing word games and creating comics based on the novel storyline using the site .

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EST 1 2015

Early Stage 1 are exploring the author Julia Donaldson this term. They are reading/ viewing and listening to multimedia text versions of the author’s work. They are identifying characters, settings and text features such as rhyming. Students have commented on Julia Donaldson by saying that they like her books because they are ‘funny and interesting’.





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Mr Caterpillar recovering well

imageAfter his recovery, Mr Caterpillar will be back to his library duties in term 4. He has missed everybody and is looking forward to seeing you all again.

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